01 July, 2009

Algarve - photos

Hi! here they are the photos of my little holiday in Algarve, Portugal. Hope you like.

I love this naive style shirt! :)

All of this photos were taken by my father, he takes lots of photos, if you want to see some of them you can click in one of this links ( his Olhares and his Fotogallery )

And about that shirt I was talking abou in the other post, it's done! And it's looking great. I'll show you later.

kisses, bia.


Johanna - MyShoebox.se said...

Nice photos :)

this wheel's on fire said...

cute photos :D

Joelyne said...

The photos are great. Your dad is so talented and nice to take them for you.

Thanks for the tip on the hats x

Tracey Ellle said...

gorgeous pics.. absolutey love ur shirt.. amazing

Joelyne said...

thank you bia! mwa