31 July, 2009

Mafra 09

All the photos by me but the photos i'm in.
Kisses, bia.

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28 July, 2009


Hi! how are you?
I've just came back from a week in algarve :)
Wasn't bad, it could be worse.
Anyway, i just came here to say i'm back.
Tomorow I will post some photos of a day out I had last week.
see you soon, kisses. Bia.

18 July, 2009

Optimus Alive 09

I only have videos of The kooks, but I also saw placebo, the prodigy and the ting tings.

It was great! I love it. :D

kisses, bia.

08 July, 2009

Painted t-shirt

You know that shirt I said I had painted? Is that one in the top.
I decided to paint Tigger, from winnie the pooh. I Know is not a great thing, but anyway, I hope you like it :)
And I bought some new things, I will show you next time. ^^
Kisses, bia.

03 July, 2009

New blogs in my list

Hi! this time I decided to do a post about the new blogs that entered my list here in the blog (you can see that list on the right).
1. Fashion Flash by karoline andersson.

2. Mysigt

3. Andreas still by Andreas.

4. xxN by Noemi

5. Zanita by Zanita

6. Ida Pyk by Ida.

8. ellen claesson by ellen

And this is all the new blogs for now. I'm sure I will find lots of other lovely blogs to add to my list.
Kisses, bia.

01 July, 2009

Algarve - photos

Hi! here they are the photos of my little holiday in Algarve, Portugal. Hope you like.

I love this naive style shirt! :)

All of this photos were taken by my father, he takes lots of photos, if you want to see some of them you can click in one of this links ( his Olhares and his Fotogallery )

And about that shirt I was talking abou in the other post, it's done! And it's looking great. I'll show you later.

kisses, bia.