30 June, 2009

Joke of the month : June

Image credit: Fail Blog

Hi! this is the joke of this month. This photo was taken from the Fail Blog ( link upstairs ), which was given to me by sarah from the blog macaroniclub. Thanks to the fail blog, for the image, and to sarah, who show me this great blog. ^^
Well, now i'm going to paint a t-shirt, I will show you later, when I'm finished. kisses. have a wonderful day.

29 June, 2009

I'm back!

Hi! I've just came back from my little holiday in algarve. It was amazing. Great weather, lots of beach and swimming pool. And I've got a tan! :)
Well, I realize that this month I didn't post a joke of the month yet, so the nex post (tomorow) will be the joke of this month.
And the post after the joke of the month will be, of course, some photos of me on my holidays in algarve. Sadly I didn't take many photos, so I won't post many photos. Sorry. I have some of me, and i will try to see if my father has any good photos to show you.
See you tomorow. Have a great summer. kises, bia.

17 June, 2009

Algarve @

Hi! How are you?
I'm leaving for algarve now. I'm coming back in the 29 of june. Until them I won't have net, that means no posting until day 29. Sorry. I promise new posts, lot of photos and news.
Enjoy your hollidays, I know I will enjoy mine =')
Summer! yeah! Sun, sand and beach! I'm coming!
Love you guys. see you soon. kisses @

15 June, 2009


Just a few photos that I really like. Summer. :)
I love this last one, they look like little mermaids. Don't you agree?
In the first, Kate looks so young and perfect, doesn't she?
Kisses ;) Have a nice week.

13 June, 2009


Hi! how are you? Firstly, sorry for the lack of posting.

Seconly, about david guetta's concert, it was really cool. So many people there! OMG! You can't believe. I don't have any photos to show you. sorry. But I didn't want to bring any weight with me.

And the holidays are coming!!!
Just more a few days and i'll be in Algarve! I can't wait. :) But first I need to find a bikini!

Ah, this holidays i'm going to do some little art projects, I will show you them :)

Well, have I great weekend. Kisses.

09 June, 2009


Today me and my friends are going to Carcavelos beach...David Guetta is performing!