24 February, 2009

Mini Apple Pie

In the other day i was feeling like cooking, and I decided to do a mini apple pie, but i nerver did any kind of pie so needed a recipe. I knew I had seen a recipe in some blog the other day, so I went look for it and I found.
They end up to be delicious.
I think is no need to post the recipe, if you want just go to the blog were i took it.

22 February, 2009

Funny pic.

No comments.

20 February, 2009

More photos.

Some photos.

Photography: Simon Pais Thomas
Stylist: Krisana Palma
MakeUp/Hair: Sokphalla Ban
Model by INN Casting: Maria Babikova
Shoted in Brooklyn, NY.

Photography: Simon Pais Thomas
Stylist: krisana palma
Make up & hair: sokphalla ban
Model: maria babikova

Model: Maureen Labbe (Elite)
Photo: Simon Pais Thomas
Make up: vero monaco

photographer site->

17 February, 2009

London 08

My best holiday ever! 3 days in London, I know it's just a little time but was good. I will came back there. *-*

My brother and I even considered moving there when we get older. And I may be will realy moving there.

13 February, 2009

Get The Look: Taylor Momsen

I know this is not one of her best looks, but I think she still looks good, and this look is great to spring. I'm going to buy one dress like this. I hope to find it.


White dress : $48.99 at Gap.com
Grey Jacked : £55.00 at coggles.com


Hi! For my get the look post i'm thinking about doing a look from Taylor Momsen.
What do you think?

Hope you like, kiss. bia

10 February, 2009

Sorry, lack of time.

Hi, sorry for don't posting many times but i'm having a bit lack of time.

Anyway, i'm tinking about doing a 'get the look' post. If you want some special star, in some special outfit just ask. You can coment giving ideas.

Hope tou like. :D
bye, kisses bia.