02 November, 2008

Mary Kate Olsen Covers Elle Magazine

Wearing a belted paisley print dress with sheer shell, Mary Kate Olsen Covers Elle Magazine’s July 2008 Issue. The Olsen twin discusses everything from her wacky style, riches & fame, to her thoughts on Heath’s tragic and unexpected death.

When asked about her thoughts on Heath Ledgers death responded “I’m not going to comment on that — I won’t give you a word about that in the nicest way possible. Let’s move on.”

On having a net worth of $100 million:
“It’s nobody’s business if I am or I’m not [rich]. I mean, if you want to have a discussion about fame and what does it really mean to be famous these days, what’s celebrity anymore? What’s media? That’s different. I have a completely different point of view about all this because I was never thrown into it. I grew up in it,” she says. “It wasn’t something that I aspired to. It’s just something I knew. For me, I just worked. I had a job. I’ve had a job for 21 years.”

On her twin sister Ashley:
“We don’t agree all the time. The way we go about business or designing or making a decision is that we come at it from two completely different angles that, at the end of the day — even when we don’t think we’re agreeing with each other — we are agreeing. We’re just getting there in different ways. Unless you’re a twin, you honestly can’t know how close twins can be. When there’s that much love there’s … well, there’s the opposite of everything, but it stems from love, and it stems from passion. We’re driven people. I do know I can’t work in an office. Ashley, on the other hand, loves going to an office.”

On her Wacky Style:
“You’re either on the worst dressed list or you’ve started a fashion trend. I think there’s a real disconnect between the media’s perception of fashion and the fashion world’s idea of fashion. I don’t know why I wear some of the things I wear. I like wearing crazy things sometimes. I like being playful. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing dress-up and becoming character. It’s sort of like an art. It can change your mood or the way that people are attracted to you.”

On her 2004 rehab stint [for anorexia]:
“I have never talked about that, or been quoted about that. Look, I think it’s important that what anybody goes through — and I’m not saying that it’s true or not true — you realize it’s part of growing up. Everybody is going to go through hard times. It’s a part of life. I think the hardest part to get to is that point of asking for help or reaching out to other people and being honest with yourself. I do not want to go through my life with my eyes shut. And I don’t want to go through it with a closed mind. I want to be aware of things. And I’d rather know than not know.”

On Life as a celebrity:
“It’s weird to be called a celebrity… I mean, if I see a paparazzi shot of me walking that’s in a magazine or something at some event, it’s as if I see it from an outsider’s point of view. There’s like a character, almost, and then there’s me. I think it’s kind of entertaining.”

I realy love this photos, don't you? Mary Kate Olsen is great *-*

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