02 April, 2009

What's the bikini for your body type?

Small Bust

Do's: You are lucky that you have the body to wear ruffled bikinis and tiny tri-tops. And as for bandeau tops, only you can wear those well. Bright colors are what you want to wear on the beach this summer, so take a risk with a color like pink.

Don'ts: Avoid bikini tops with too much fabric or have a poor fit. Opt for separate tops and bottoms.

(Photo: Drew Barrymore)


Do's: When you are bigger on the bottom you want to draw peoples eyes up by wearing a pretty, eye-catching detailed bikini top. Make sure that your bottom sits well on your hips and that it is a shade darker than your bikini top.

Don'ts: Avoid boy shorts and detailed swimsuit bottoms. Keep the bottom of your suit simple.

Athletic Shape

Do's: Show off your toned arms and shoulders with a halter bikini. If you have a boyish figure, try to wear suits with flirty details. Try bows or ties on the side of the suit that will help create visual curves.

Don'ts: Avoid solid swimsuits without pattern and detail. Stay away from swimsuits that don't have support and shape.

(Photo: Anna Kournikova)

No Waist
Do's: Create curves with a belted waistline, which will give the appearance of a whittled middle. Bikinis are good for you. Add some illusion at the hips with rings, ruffles and bows. If you're small on top, go for a strapless bandeau.

Don'ts: Avoid solid-colored swimwear or horizontal striped one-pieces.

Plus Sized

Do's: A strategically placed cut-out, or a deep V neckline on swimwear can change your image. Dark, cool colors, swirling, or V patterns are always good. Lengthen your thigh with an adjustable ruching detail at the hip.

Don'ts: Avoid too much fabric when it comes to choosing a swimsuit. Modesty is certainly OK, but too much coverage is not. Stay away from white, neon fabrics and nappy textiles.

(Photo: Tyra Banks)

Too Much Tummy

Do's: Check out the tankini swimsuits that are on the fashion scene today. They cover just enough, but you still have the freedom and hip factor of a bikini. A one-piece with some draping around the waist or hips can also help to conceal.
Don'ts: Avoid itsy bitsy bikinis and solid-colored one-pieces.

Long Body

Do's: You can go wild with swimwear embellishments at the hips and bust line. Try horizontal stripes and nappy fabrics, such as stretch terry and velvet. Boy shorts are just the thing for your slim hips.

Don'ts: Avoid up and down stripes, high necklines and dark, solid colors when choosing a swimsuit.

Short Legs or Torso

Do's: Play up your figure by finding a swimsuit that is cut high on the thigh. This will make your leg look much longer. Also, a one-piece suit with a plunging neckline creates a long appearance and is drop dead sexy!

Don'ts: Avoid boy shorts and skirted bikinis that draw the eye downward, making you look shorter.

Big Bust

Do's: Halter-top bikinis can be a good choice by offering support, while providing some sexy cleavage too. Look for styles that are banded around the midriff and can be tied in back and around the neck. Look for structured swimsuits.

Don'ts: Avoid strapless bandeau top bikinis and tiny tri-tops with minimal coverage.
(photo: Tyra Banks)


LoveMore said...

love these posts! i am the NO BUST! haha but i like it..no bras ever for me (woo!)

thanks for your comment honey xxx love LM

vintageveggie said...

haha, you totally used it right! good job!

isabelle said...

I'll go for the bandeau top! Love it cuz you don't get any sunstripes!

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