11 April, 2009

Talking + Gisele Bundchen new haircut

It's been hard for me to post these days. Because I'm outside the house almost all day, and when I'm at home, isn't even my house, so...I'm having some troubles in posting. And to add this, I had already some posts ready but they are in my laptop that is in my house, far away =/

So, I need to improvise a little. In the other day I was reading some magazine, and there was a little interview (1/4 of a page) with Gisele Bundchen, and they asked about her new haircut. I got interested and I did some research. Here you have some photos of gisele with her new haircut, in a campaign for Calzedonia.

Happy Easter everybody! :D Kiss, bia.


sarah said...

hmmm... i think i like it better long! but it's always healthy to cut your hair once in a while, right?

Annie said...

i like the new hair! very beachy and loose.


Rylie said...

I love her bikini!
I hope you have a good Easter darling

fashionETC. said...

pretty pretty pretty, i miss her on vs shows.